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Program Description
Our 4-month program is designed to help student founders launch and develop their company. Each cohort consists of students coming together as part of an entrepreneurial community, gaining access to resources, mentorship from successful executives, and connections to investors. Throughout the program, students will be building their companies with the guidance of experienced founders, while being in touch with peers of various backgrounds and similar ambitions. This program is designed around experiential learning, with a focus on putting into immediate action. The curriculum includes methodologies to grow the business and overcome hurdles in the process that will prepare young founders for a mindset leading to long-term success.
Who is This Program For?
This program is for undergrad, graduate, and PhD students who are looking to launch their startup idea or grow their current business, but want more resources and expertise. We prefer that students take a minimal number of credits to have the greatest chance of succeeding, as it is key to focus on starting this company even while in school.
Benefits for Students
Our program provides students with the ability to be guided by successful founders as they build their startup. During an in-person orientation held in Silicon Valley, students will get the chance to meet like-minded peers and connect with experienced entrepreneurs. After the orientation, on a weekly and monthly basis, there will be meetings in which everyone can discuss problems they are currently facing, obstacles they have overcome, their next steps, and any other questions they may have. They will receive feedback from students and successful founders throughout the entire journey, and practice how to pitch their startup. This not only clarifies their ideas, but also prepares them for the opportunity to pitch their startup to investors and partners at the end of the program. The network built and community formed is designed to be with students for the rest of their professional journey.
Program Schedule
Program Schedule
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