An Exclusive Community for Student Founders to Build Innovative Companies Together Instead of Listening to Lectures.
The Founder Palace is an accelerator for student founders, allowing them to build startups on campus without dropping out of school or moving to major tech hubs.
Currently, aspiring student founders either have to drop out of college or take entrepreneurship courses taught by professors with no zero to one startup experience or emphasis on grades over business outcomes. In addition, students who live in smaller cities or rural areas, or those who are not attending elite schools lack access to startup resources, capital and a support system.
The Founder Palace is a startup accelerator designed specifically for student entrepreneurs. With a program tailored to the needs of the busy, underserved student entrepreneur, the four-month Founder Palace program helps participants take their ideas from MVP to product launch, find their ideal customer persona, and build a sales funnel, culminating in a demo day with interested investors and customers from all over the globe.
The Founder Palace is launched by Minfon Group, a global venture development company based in Silicon Valley, California, with more than 20 years of experience building and operating corporate innovation and startup programs in the US and abroad, for clients such as BP Castrol, Volvo Cars and Siemens. After our many years of accumulating experiences in the startup world, we eagerly want to share our knowledge with incoming participants so that they can build their startup ideas into a company to address world problems through innovations.
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Transforming college campuses into startup launchpads for students who aspire to be company founders