You Provide the Vision, the Passion, and the Perspiration. We Provide Everything Else.
We are looking for creative student founders with innovative startups.
  • Able to complete the entire program to work with other executives and founders
  • Have already built a prototype for the startup preferred
  • Consider what is an appropriate class load to get the most our of our program
  • FAQ
    How will I balance creating a startup and college courses?

    Our program is created primarily for builders, instead of those who just want to listen to lectures. We prefer applicants to consider an appropriate course load during the semester they are with us to maximize their chances of success. Therefore, our applicants should not have an issue balancing a startup and college life, and will be able to make the startup their main priority. In fact, our founder is looking forward to us showing them “how to transform a college campus into a startup launchpad.”

    Who will benefit from this program the most?

    This program is for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students across the country who are ready to launch their idea into a startup or already have a product they are working on but need more resources and experience to do so. Hence, an entrepreneurial mindset is a necessary common trait between all participants within the program.

    What are the qualifications of the founders who will teach us?

    We are not here to lecture you, but rather to guide and help you build your startup. The founders have gone through a lot of trial and error themselves and will help you apply what they experienced because that is how you really create a startup in real practices, not from lectures. These founders include successful people from Silicon Valley, investors who have worked with startups, and other experts.

    Does this program help with all stages of my startup?

    Creating a startup is a long journey that lasts much longer than 4-months; however, the mindset, methodology, and community recourse will be essential throughout the entire process and even beyond the completion of this program. Specifically, mindset and methodology are derived from the solutions you create with the guidance of experienced professionals, and the newly built community consists of entrepreneurs with similar ambitions. These traits, habits, and strategies will benefit all stages of your startup.

    How much does the program cost? Why is this program worth the investment?

    Our program is a fee based program in order to cover overhead costs. The value of the program comes from our 3-day orientation event with speakers across Silicon Valley, the community of other high caliber founders, and the startup expertise that our mentors can provide. At the end of the program, there will be a demo day where students will showcase their companies in front of real investors that may end up investing. This will give any team a head start on launching their company that would otherwise take many months of work.

    What is one thing that sets this program apart from all other programs?

    Our program is a healthy medium between two extremes: one is where a program demands you to quit college, which is risky and not for everyone; the other is an academic entrepreneurship or startup course that rewards everyone with a certificate from professors who haven’t even gone through the startup process themselves. However, our program empowers your access to resources, successful executives, and global investors to form an entrepreneurial community along with other young founders. Simultaneously, our program encourages you to utilize your environment, including your campus, as a startup launchpad to help build your startup.

    How often can I ask questions and receive help?

    Once you are selected, you will be part of a community consisting of entrepreneurial peers, mentors, advisors, and executives. Discussions and seeking for guidance can occur daily in a community chat or more intensively in structured weekly and monthly video meetings. In addition, there will be bi-annual public roadshows with potential investors and partners. As a community, we are here to guide you and show you how to solve problems, so you can develop a strong problem-solving capability that will carry on beyond the program.

    What areas of expertise does the team have to help me grow my startup?

    The team has founders from various backgrounds who have gone through the entire lifecycle of a startup, from an idea like you have to IPOs and other exits. Also, you will receive support from a community of student founders with their own unique experiences and networks which is mutually beneficial to the entire group.

    How many student founders will I be able to network with, and are there any opportunities to continue to do so after the 6-months?

    We plan to select approximately 25 teams for each batch who will meet in-person at the orientation and grow together for 6-months. Unlike other programs, our internal revenue and business model emphasizes teamwork between different founders to create a support system that lasts for your full startup journey and beyond.

    What is the process of joining the program?

    The application process starts with submitting your idea and basic information. We are looking for applicants who already have a team or have a plan to form one before joining our program. Internally, we will review it and conduct an interview, answer all your questions, and then evaluate your whole application. If your application is accepted and we select you as a participating team, you will be able to join the community.

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